A Statement from the Response Point VAR Council

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A Statement from the Response Point VAR Council

The Microsoft Response Point VAR Council is a group of Partners that were invited early on in the development cycle of Response Point to collectively and periodically meet with the Microsoft management and team to give feedback and direction on Response Point from a Partner’s perspective.

This group held a conference call to discuss the announcements surrounding Response Point and determine how we could help Microsoft, the Partner Community and the Customer community in support of the product. The consensus was that while concerned on the lack of detailed information about the product roadmap, we partners would and should continue to support, sell and market the product and we would continue express our ongoing concern and support to Microsoft.

John Frederiksen, the GM of Response Point, had offered to join the call but had a conflict. We were however joined briefly by X.D. Huang, the original GM of Response Point and John’s direct manager. X.D. assured us that:

1) Microsoft will continue to support partners and customers running all current 1.x versions of Response Point;
2) Microsoft is NOT shutting down Response Point, and does have non-mgt personnel assigned to the product;
3) Microsoft is currently discussing what to do as far as Release 2 of Response Point
4) Microsoft plans to release more information about the future direction of Response Point soon, perhaps in one or two weeks
5) The best way we as partners can help the Response Point team is to continue to SELL the product.

The VAR Council was encouraged by the call; and while some of us have reservations, we as a group will continue to market and sell Response Point and we encourage and urge others to do so as well. We look forward to the upcoming Microsoft announcement on the direction for Release 2 of Response Point.


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