Meltdown and Spectre Could Allow Hackers to Compromise Sensitive Data

As the world of technology continues to expand and evolve, a growing number of devices can now access the internet, providing a level of convenience to people's daily lives. But when users store their data on smartphones, computers and [...]

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Protect Your Company from these Cyber Threats in 2018

In our rapidly evolving digital environment, cyber crime is rapidly outstripping other kinds of physical crime. The recent 2018 annual security survey from highlighted the business vulnerabilities of living in an increasingly interconnected world. [1] The survey identifies security [...]

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10 Tips on How to Stay Cyber Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are always hectic for businesses and IT professionals, but with so much commerce now done online, there's another serious threat for which you must be prepared: cybercrime. Considering cybercrime cost businesses and consumers a staggering $3 billion [...]

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Why We Should Be Concerned About Cryptocurrency Security

With concerns about cyber security at an all time high, it’s natural for investors and consumers to worry about money that exists solely as digital code. Regardless of what you think of cryptocurrencies, they are probably here to stay, [...]

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Bad Rabbit — New Global Ransomware Spreading

The next battle in the fight against ransomware suddenly began on Tuesday, October 26 as multiple high-level targets across Eastern Europe were hit simultaneously. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, this cyber-attack mainly targeted Russian and Ukrainian firms and individuals, but reports [...]

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Managed Security Service Providers & Cyber Security

Cyber security risks are a growing concern for governments, individuals and businesses alike. Even small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not immune to attacks from outsiders. Computer viruses, ransomware, data breaches and various other hacking techniques have all become [...]

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Cyber Security and Internet of Things

What risks do you face with the Internet of Things? On Oct. 21, 2016, a wide variety of websites and web services suffered major disruptions. People across the U.S. and various European countries suddenly had trouble accessing business cloud [...]

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Protecting Healthcare Data from Today’s Advanced Cyber Threats

Healthcare organizations have become a major target of cyber-attacks in recent years. Data shows that these attacks are growing annually. Besides that, they are becoming more complex and harder to predict. The healthcare system is prone to various types [...]

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