Canada has a Cyber Squad the CCIRC

Global News’s Monique Muise reported on May 3rd: “Hackers attacking Canada’s ‘critical infrastructure’ and it’s only going to get worse“. Therein they noted that the CCIRC (Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre)  is very concerned about the rise of ransomware, as indicated by the article’s title.  Fortunately for one Ottawa hospital, only four computers were affected after an employee clicked on a link.

Despite the importance of further details being included, this author was pleased to learn about this valuable Canadian agency. A quick scan of the CCIRC page gives you the following introduction: “CCIRC is Canada’s national coordination centre responsible for reducing the cyber risks faced by Canada’s key systems and services. These systems, such as banks or phone service providers, are known as critical infrastructure.  CCIRC works within Public Safety Canada in partnership with provinces, territories, municipalities, private sector organizations and international counterparts. It also coordinates the national response to any serious cyber security incident.”



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