How Can Cloud Security Improve Your MSP Business?
PART 2 : Benefits and Innovations

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A growing number of businesses are turning to cloud solutions to store data and host applications in environments accessible from any device or location. Ninety percent of companies currently use cloud computing and allocate [...]

How Can Cloud Security Improve Your MSP Business?
PART 1 : Understanding the Risks

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The advantages of cloud security can attract many managed service providers (MSPs) of all sizes – however, it is important to understand the risks before making the transition. With the cloud security market expanding, [...]

10 Reasons to Get Your Cybersecurity Certification This Year

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If you work in IT, you can’t ignore the importance of cybersecurity. The average cost of a cyberattack in 2017 was $1.3 million for enterprises and $117,000 for small businesses. In fact, the global [...]

Top 5 Cybersecurity Certifications to Advance Your IT Security Career in 2019

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Looking for that next step in your IT career? Consider getting an IT or a cybersecurity certification, and validate your expertise in the field to your peers and managers. Two-thirds of organizations admit that [...]

How to Secure and Optimize Your Business for the Enterprise of Things

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Connectivity is changing all areas of life. Every day, your employees interact with smartphones, tablets, wearables and smart home devices, and they’re just as comfortable using this technology for work as they are for [...]

Cyber Security is Everyone’s Responsibility – Cyber Security Awareness Month

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With the rapid growth of technology and constant changes in connectivity, cybersecurity is becoming a critical issue. An increase in connected devices, the adoption of new identity management protocols and the expansion of AI [...]