FUEL: Acronis Launches Backup & Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7

Canadian resellers will be happy to learn that Acronis has simplified their backup solutions and have launched a new subscription model that gives customers 1, 2 and 3 year subscription options. This new subscription license is a huge boon to security experts who have customers focused on short term projects.

FUEL: For resellers looking to add huge value to their customers, we strongly suggest you consider the financial implication of this service. B2B customers who are use to purchasing perpetual licenses know that this is an OPEX expense. Depending on your region this may mean that this is a taxable purchase and is replaceable. Customers will LOVE the new subscription model because it now becomes a CAPEX (this year only cost) and they can recognize the taxable item at 100% of its value.

Contact us for more details. And CLICK HERE to download the Acronis 11.7 fact sheet.

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