Circadence for Small/Medium Business

Help your customer’s Launch enterprise-grade performance without paying Fortune 100 prices

Benefit from optimization solutions for small to medium businesses.

It’s not just large enterprises that need optimization and centralized management. Customers – both inside the company and out – are increasingly depending on the convenience of the Internet, remote access, and mobile computing. Business owners need fast, secure, and reliable connections outside the office to keep everyone happy. Additionally, nearly every small business can benefit from the efficiencies of virtualization and the cost-effectiveness of a smarter, less expensive approach to tracing and fixing faults within an IP network.

With Circadence® optimization products, you can mix and match components that provide the fastest and most secure data connection without investing in a huge network infrastructure. We supply IT innovations that make small and medium businesses perform at their peak. And thanks to the scalability of our solutions, Circadence optimization products provide a solid foundation for adding more capacity without retooling your network.

Help your customers Expand the possibilities of their business with more robust IT solutions.

With the Circadence MVO™ 1200 WAN Optimization suite, SoHo appliance, laptop, PDA, and smartphone workers can easily and securely connect to the office and desktop PCs with virtually no configuration, costly training, or service.

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The Circadence MVS™ 1300 Systems Management suite is the only product you need to manage all your virtual and physical assets from one easy-to-use interface, regardless of the type of virtualization platform you use.

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The Circadence MVR™ 1400 Route Analytics suite can help you trace, diagnose, and quickly fix faults in any IP-based network – without costly consulting.

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