Circadence MVO™ 1200 WAN Optimization suite

Ensure maximum enterprise performance by empowering your network with tomorrow’s technology, today.

Circadence MVO optimization solutions from Circadence® achieve maximum network performance, from edge to edge, so that your enterprise can maintain lasting business success. By dynamically adjusting data-send rates in real time to increase application throughput and reduce lost and resent packets, Circadence MVO optimization solutions deliver incredible speed, network availability, and data security.

Simply put, enterprises of any size that use Circadence MVO can:

  • Increase WAN performance from 100-percent to 4000-percent on any network connection, including wireless.
  • Tunnel through WAN congestion – nearly 100-times faster than standard TCP in the heaviest traffic.
  • Maintain application connectivity with Link Resilience™, eliminating downtime.
  • Enable security to be maintained from end to end – independent of the application being delivered.
  • Natively support encrypted SSL content without needing to install client certificates.

Read more about the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite here.

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