CSO Gives WatchGuard’s XCS770R an Outstanding Review!

WatchGuard XCS770R Email Security Appliance Review
ENEX Testlab Reviews by Matthew Hackling & Matt Tett

In order to improve productivity and minimize risk, most organizations need a reliable method of protecting their employees from unwanted email (spam) and malicious software (malware). In addition, it is also necessary to protect the corporate network by restricting access to inappropriate content.
Web and email content management has evolved. It used to require administrators to install security software onto servers running general purpose operating systems. The next step was a move to appliances with pre-installed operating system and software.

Over the years ‘Cloud-based’ email content management services have emerged. The latest addition, and acronym, to the competitive landscape is that of data leakage prevention (DLP) which complements the technology by attempting to prevent the release of confidential data via email, webmail or social networking websites.

WatchGuard has excelled over the years in producing security appliances in their trademark red that brighten up drab data centers around the globe. These appliances are known to be no-nonsense, cost effective, straight forward to administer and supported by easy to renew subscription services. WatchGuard’s devices are desirable due to their sturdy build quality, consistency, and practical management functionality.

WatchGuard claims the XCS770R’s key features are as follows:

• Combines both email and Web security with DLP in one appliance.

• Next Generation reputation service enabling IP, domain and URL blocking which halts the majority of spam at the connection level, saving bandwidth.

• On-box logging and reporting systems.

• Suited to large businesses and Managed Security Services Providers, with the ability to support 1000’s of domains, fully customize reports and user interface and granular delegated domain administration.

• The DLP engine can be used to provide anti-slander/cyber-bullying controls.

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