Data Loss Prevention: Keep Sensitive Data‐In‐Motion Safe

No Company Is Immune to Data Loss

In today’s business environment, media headlines are increasingly featuring data breaches of large
magnitudes that put people’s personal information at risk, and no country or industry is immune.

Data‐in‐Motion: A Security Threat to Every Organization
Any time data is set into motion – accessed in an unconventional way, forwarded to a co‐worker, sent to
a printer, etc. – its security is put at risk. Managing (and controlling) data‐in‐motion is a requirement for
businesses to function effectively and efficiently. At the same time, it is also a growing security threat.
Data loss (or leakage) occurs in every organization either unintentionally or maliciously. In fact, 3 out of
5 organizations have experienced a data loss or theft event,and approximately 9 out of 10 data loss or
theft events go unreported.

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