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What is the EDGE ?

When swimming in the deep waters of cyber security you need to connect issues and threats with cyber experts that will give you a competitive EDGE. The EDGE is designed to deliver easy-to-digest security insights for busy executives.

Interwork’s EDGE is a 3-month trial webinar series from Interwork Technologies:

  • Designed for B2B CEO, CIO and IT leadership who are interested in layered security solutions
  • We’ll start with a monthly webinar, and based on member feedback we may increase
  • If your current resellers are not well versed in security then our CONCIERGE service can connect you with experts in your area

Thought Leadership for Business Executives

The genesis of the EDGE: each week we are surprised with the updates from each of our vendors, and we thought that you too might enjoy listening to their industry insights.

By exposing thought leadership in the security industry AND providing a network of the best and latest information from our vendors to business executives in the USA and Canada. Our vendor’s exposure to evolving cyber threats across the world brings unique insights to businesses. Connection to Experts Our value in the equation is simple: if B2B executives see an area of concern and you don’t currently have an expert in this area, then we can connect you to one of our many security experts across North America.

9+30 Minute Webinars

Our webinars will start at 15-minutes to the hour, and in the first 9 minutes we’ll give you the executive summary and key points to consider.

The following 30 minutes will explain important elements of the concept, such as early warning signs and case study analysis and implementation.

Join the EDGE

What You Get From The EDGE


Short Webinars for Busy Executives

With our 9+30 minute format we make it easy for busy executives to understand the key concepts in the first 9-minutes.

If the content is relevant then you can decide to remain for the next 30 minutes.


Thought Leadership from Vendors

Interwork Technologies is a distributor focused on security solutions. Each of our vendors are carefully selected and have award winning services. Their insight into the market and evolving cyber threats provides truly useful information for businesses concerned about their security capabilities..


We Can Connect You to Security Experts

As businesses grow, so to do their requirements. Once too small to matter, as you grow so too does your chances to be targeted by cyber criminals. This adds new pressures to the IT team and demands new investments by the business to safeguard your data as well as your customer’s computing environment. Thus, previous IT purchases from a computer shop may no longer be sufficient, but do you know where to turn?

Interwork Technologies has been in business for over 25 years and specializes in security solutions. If you need to find an expert, we can help connect you to a pro.