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EDGE #3: June 22nd,  10:45 am EST

Executive Briefing Webinar Series on Layered Cyber Security

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Snap-Shot Executive Summary: 9 minutes, concluding at 10:54 am
Deep-Dive: 36 minutes following the Snap-Shot and concluding at 11:30 am
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Trend Micro on Ransomware: Is This Email From Your CEO?

Evolving ransomware attacks are increasingly sophisticated, and businesses are being hit every day throughout North America. One of the newest types of attacks is the emulation of your president or CEO’s urgent message to update a file.  This approach is not new and today has evolved to a new ransomware vector that can dupe even savvy employees. In 2015 the attacks were simpler, as noted in this FBI ALERT: Bad Guys Spoof Your Domain With CEO Fraud, and more recently Trend Micro note on CEO Fraud.  Are you ready for today’s variations?

Snap-Shot: This executive summary will explain the situation and show how recent attacks have become successful. Concluding in a checklist for business executives to conduct their own DIY analysis of risk.

Deep-Dive: Several real-world examples from Trend Micro will discuss of how key elements in common anti-virus solutions have left vunlnerabilities that were addressed by Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery and security solutions.

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Your Host:  Mike Dodgson
Your Host: Mike DodgsonInterwork
VP of Marketing North America
Guest from Trend Micro: Andrew Stevens
Guest from Trend Micro: Andrew StevensTrend Micro
Director of Product Marketing

Focus Areas of Interest


Assessing Your Risk

Part one will describe the threat process and provide early warning signs.

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The Trend Micro Solution

Focus product from Trend… Deep Discovery? Email av service?


Powerful Customer Comments

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