FileXpress: Modernizing Enterprise File Transfer

FileXpress: Today’s Enterprise File Transfer Solution

More than a simple file transfer utility, FileXpress is an enterprise solution that provides:

  • Customer- and partner-friendly file exchanges
  • End-to-end automation
  • File transfers of any size
  • Reliable delivery
  • Centralized visibility and control
  • Comprehensive security

Everyone transfers files. You’ve been doing it for years. The question is, have you outgrown your existing file transfer solution? Ask yourself these 6 questions to find out.

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  1. Is your file transfer system able to address the growing demands of partners and customers, now and in the future?
    FileXpress is built for the Internet universe. It enables file transfers over the Internet and across all platforms, from Windows to the mainframe.
  2. Are you spending too much time writing and maintaining complex scripts to automate your file transfers?
    Not with FileXpress. Built-in capabilities handle event-driven transfers via hotfolders, file integrity checking, and automatic retries.
  3. Do large files take too long to transfer or frequently fail to reach their destinations?
    Designed with large file transfers in mind, FileXpress offers automatic retries, checkpoint restart, and built-in RocketStream technology. RocketStream uses the UDP and PDP protocols to maximize the speed and performance of large files over long distances.
  4. How reliable is your file transfer process, both inside and outside the organization?
    With capabilities such as automated retries, packet-level data integrity checks, exception alerts, and file transfer queuing, FileXpress detects problems, notifies senders, and recovers transfers when transmissions fail.
  5. Is file transfer sprawl keeping you from effectively tracking and controlling file transfer activity across your organization?
    FileXpress provides a virtual harness for your file transfer activity. Using a powerful browser-based user interface, you can go to one central location to define file transfer servers and configure the transfers between them.
  6. Does your file transfer system support the controls you employ to comply with internal and external security mandates?
    FileXpress supports the latest authentication, authorization, and encryption technologies, and provides detailed auditing of all file transfer activity.

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