Reimagining the way software is bought, sold, managed and secured

Software Vulnerability Manager empowers IT Security and IT Operations with intelligence to track, identify and remediate vulnerable applications.

Help Your Customer Optimize and Secure their Business with Flexera’s Vulnerability and Patch Management Solutions.

Reimagining the way software is bought,
sold, managed and secured

Software Vulnerability Intelligence
from Flexera Software

Why is patching your software
so important?

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Why Flexera is Your Preferred Partner 

Respond to new threats faster and more accurately ensuring that Security and Ops teams collaborate 

Leverages the latest Secunia Research verified intelligence to stay on top of software vulnerabilities

Fast track remediation with easy access to the latest 3rd party security patches 

Ability to set and forget allows future updates to be automatically prepared

 Equifax breach shows that the vulnerability could have been eliminated with Flexera’s patch management solution long before the attack.

Recent cyberattacks show that it takes enterprises longer to mitigate vulnerabilities than it takes hackers to start exploiting them. Both Equifax and WannaCry attacks indicate that there is a wide-open window of opportunity for hackers. Open source components like Apache Struts are often used by developers, which is a popular target for hackers. Organizations that aren’t aware of the components they’re using or don’t track software vulnerabilities, put themselves and their customers at risk. Read below to see how you can help organizations reduce their risks by closing the window of opportunity for hackers.


SecOps Closes Vulnerability Management Gaps 

The gap between when vulnerabilities are disclosed, and when they are identified and fixed in applications creates a risk window that hackers exploit, leading to costly cyber breaches. Flexera SecOps Solutions particularly SVM helps to close this risk window by helping IT Security, IT Operations, and Development teams to effectively collaborate in order to:

  • Create effective processes around software vulnerability management and security patch management that substantially reduce security risk.

  • Identify Open Source Software in the code and assess your customer’s security risk.

  • Track vulnerability intelligence to reduce the risk of security attack and its consequences.

Patch software vulnerabilities before it’s too late. Using Secunia Research verified intelligence, IT security is empowered with the ability to reduce hack exposures while staying up to date and informed.

Access the latest 3rd party security patches for fast remediation, automated patch configuration, and assessing exposure through broad patch assessment.

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Flexera Product Solutions for Enterprise

Software Vulnerability Manager

Software Vulnerability Manager empowers IT Security and Operations with intelligence on software vulnerability assessment while providing security patching in order to remediate vulnerable applications before exploitation leads to costly breaches such as Equifiax, WannaCry, and Petya. SVM enables SecOps initiatives providing sophiticated intelligence by Secunia Research, timely vulnerability advisories, accurate assessment and security patches, all in a single console.

Vulnerability Intelligence   Patch Management
Flexera Assess Mitigate Verify

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Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks like Equifax

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IoT units installed by 2020
1.9 Billion

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Protect Customers Against Malware 5 Tips For Monetizing the $1.9 Trillion Internet of Things


Build a single device model with proper capabilities


Drive more value from devices

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Device + software + licensing drive recurring revenue streams

Grow Marketing

Move into new markets by understanding products features and capacity

Protect Your IP

Protect devices and applications against IP theft


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