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Flexera is a leader in software licensing, compliance, cybersecurity and installation solutions and the trusted name for knowledge and expertise. For over 25 years, Flexera has helped customers get the most from their software by delivering accurate, valuable information and, in light of recent global ransomware attacks, understanding the potentially catastrophic impact on businesses due to neglected security patching. Flexera, the industry-wide leader in SecOps helps to manage and control software vulnerabilities from the network to the endpoint.

Flexera Product Solutions for Enterprise

Software Vulnerability Manager

Give IT Security and Operations the power to track, identify, and remediate vulnerable applications with patches before a costly breach can happen. With verified intelligence from Secunia Research, utilize the full synergy of intelligence, assessments, and vulnerability patching from a single intuitive console.

Ensure effective collaboration between Security and Operations with SecOps, giving customers consistent data, remediation policies, tickets and workflows to rack vulnerabilities from top to bottom. All of this with customizable views to best suit team needs.

Patch software vulnerabilities before it’s too late. Using Secunia Research verified intelligence, IT security is empowered with the ability to reduce hack exposures while staying up to date and informed.

Access to the latest 3rd party security patches enable fast remediation of hundreds of non-Microsoft applications alongside set and forget configurations and broad patch assessment ensures continual assessment.

Software Vulnerability Manager

Application Readiness

Application Readiness

Flexera Software ensures faster, predictable delivery of applications at every stage of development. With application readiness from Flexera Software, customers can take comfort in the knowledge that software and applications will be deployed predictably and reliably.

Enterprise IT teams need the most advanced application packaging tools available to prepare reliable app packages for software deployment. With a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing, and reporting, Admin Studio empowers IT teams to effectively reduce app prep times.

Effectively manage Application Readiness and Software License Optimization so the ongoing management of applications along with the procurement, prep, and deployment is streamlined and accurate. Through automating change management, asset management, and other ITIL processes, Workflow Manager optimizes IT team productivity.

Software License Optimization

Because applications are an integral part of many modern business practices, keeping software licensing, compliance, and software spending in check is at the top of mind for enterprises. Flexera Software License Optimizations helps enterprises manage and optimize software assets throughout the software life cycle.

With Flexera Software’s Software License Optimization, organizations can gain visibility and control of IT assets while simultaneously reducing software costs and maintaining license compliance.

Allow IT to maintain control of applications through the App Portal, a universal enterprise app store, for compliance with licensing agreements, product use rights, and corporate policy while reducing enterprise software costs and maximizing software usage.

Software License Optimization

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