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2017 Healthcare Challenges Your
Customers are Facing

  • According to Bloomberg Business, cyber attacks against healthcare industry increased two times in the last five years totaling $6 billion per year in costs.
  • Recently-digitized healthcare records are extremely valuable to criminals. Most healthcare organizations are still learning to protect these records.
  • People in healthcare organizations need access to patient records and these can be temporary employees, or visitors from partner organizations.  As a result access control needs to be maintained to achieve proper security.


Why the Healthcare Sector is a Preferred Target for Cyber Attacks

IT Healthcare Risk Statistics
  • 78% of hospitals interviewed don’t have a comprehensive mobile strategy in place.
  • 46% of data breaches are caused by loss or theft of a mobile device
  • PWC estimates that the market for Internet-enabled medical devices will reach $285bn by 2020, creating large vulnerabilities on mobile device security.

Protecting Healthcare Data from Today’s Advanced Cyber Threats

  • Healthcare organizations, from hospitals and clinics to insurance carriers, retain protected healthcare information on millions of patients that requires advanced protection.
  • These organizations require solutions that protect patient information against advanced threats across network, in the cloud or data center, or on their devices and endpoints.
  • Help your healthcare customers by offering a simplified one layer approach that will prevent, detect, and respond to threats in real time.


Achieve Effective Healthcare Compliance

Assist Your Customers with Effective Healthcare Compliance

Comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI

  • Shifting to the cloud requires provisions to keep data compliant to ensure privacy and security for healthcare information such as electronic medical records (EMRs)  and electronic protected health information (ePHI).
  • The right security solutions can help with HIPAA, and other regulations, in order to manage risk through continuous assessment, evaluation, response, and reporting of threats.


Offer the Right Solutions that Safeguard Patient Records and Sensitive Information Everywhere.

  • Organizations are at risk of cyber-attacks with Healthcare companies encouraging medical staff to bring in their own devices.
  • Proper policies and procedures need to be put in place and implemented in order to prevent these cyber attacks.

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Securing Remote Sites for Healthcare Organizations

Securing Remote Sites for Healthcare Organizations

  • Assist customers with securing their remote locations direct-to-cloud.
  • Extend security across all their locations.
  • Deploy with reduced cost and complexity.

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Product Bundle Solutions for Healthcare

Trend Micro | Securing Your Journey to the Cloud

Data Protection and Compliancy

Protect sensitive data with Deep Discovery to detect, analyze, and respond to network breaches and targeted attacks.  Deep Security will protect patient portals cloud and virtual environments while ensuring compliance by consolidating multiple security controls into one product.

Micro Focus

Identity Security Monitoring

Identity-Powered Access Solutions integrates identity information with security monitoring, delivering security intelligence needed to detect and respond to abnormal activity across all environments.

Data Backup Solutions

Acronis backup solutions deliver easy, complete, and safe data protection for your entire environment anywhere on any device.

WatchGuard - Advanced Network Security

Network Protection Anywhere

WatchGuard’s Unified Threat Management solution ensures your sensitive data does not leave your network, offering Wi-Fi that secures your airspace by ensuring connectivity to only authorized access points.

iBoss Cyber Security

Securing Mobile Devices and Remote Sites

Cloud Secure Web Gateway gives you the same level of security for remote locations as your orgniazation’s headquarters by extending security across all locations with reduced cost and complexity.

Data Encryption

SecureDoc Enterprise Server encrypts healthcare confidential data everywhere and ensures compliance for healthcare providers.

Multifactor Authentication

MYDIGIPASS is a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations, from identity proofing and provisioning to secure login and fulfillment. Digital identity in healthcare must be equipped and secured with multifactor authentication trusted identities.

Security Awareness Training

Security Mentor provides innovative security awareness training designed for how people learn and work: brief, frequent, and focused.


Trustwave SIEM solutions help organizations simplify management and operations, delivering on big data intelligence security capabilities and interoperability demands of the toughest business, compliance and technical requirements.

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