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Deployment Assistance for Successful Product Implementation

Faced with constant pressure to reduce costs and operate more efficiently, many IT organizations are challenged with maintaining current service levels much less implementing new IT projects, upgrading existing applications, and extending existing services. Furthermore, today’s complex threats to IT assets imply greater risks than ever before. When it comes to security though, many investments are not optional. The loss of data and the disruption of business operations must be minimized at all costs.

Interwork Technologies Quick Start Remote or On-Site Deployment Consulting Services

Maximize your ability to implement new security solutions with the expertise you need to ensure successful security rollout. Interwork deployment consultants will either come to your location or use web conferencing tools to assist your staff in ensuring the optimal security implementation for your environment. Saving time, while maximizing the ROI on your security investment, has never been easier.

Deployment Services Offered at Interwork

Four Milestones to Successful Implementation


Interwork receives order and sends kickoff email with scoping questionnaire. Once submitted a pre-deployment call is scheduled.


Interwork conducts the pre-deployment call to define system prerequisites while customer describes environment and requirements after which engagement dates are scheduled.


Interwork installs, configures and deploys solution and provides knowledge transfer on administering product console.


Once deployment complete the service is transitioned to Interwork customer support and customer manages product implementation and provides engagement feedback.

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Deliverable Checklist


  • Management Console Installed / Upgraded
  • Agents Deployed to server

  • Module configured

  • Policies Created

  • Knowledge transfer on administering the console

  • Delivery Method | Engagement Time


  • Management Console Installed / Upgraded

  • Agents Deployed to server / Agentless protection on host

  • Module configured

  • Virtual Appliances installed

  • Policies Created

  • Knowledge transfer on administering the console

  • Delivery Method | Engagement Time

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Interwork will help enable your channel through our expertise in cyber security solutions and connect you to the right partner. We offer a variety of reseller services such as:

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