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Kill Chain Webinar

Executive 9/30 Minute Cyber Threat Summary

If you are a President, CEO, CIO or IT Executive that is concerned about cyber security, then this webinar may have useful information for you and your staff about new issues that enterprise organizations are preparing to fight.

1Executive Summary in the first 9 minutes gives you the 50,000 foot level overview and key symptoms to look for in your organization

2Part two is a 30 minute explanation of several real case studies of North American businesses and the situations they faced, plus how Watchguard’s powerful UTM and Firewall solutions provide enterprise class protection for SMB and mid market businesses

3Does your current reseller or solution provider able to provide insight to this problem? If not, ask for one of our local experts to step you through our risk assessment methodology.

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Rob North
Rob NorthWatchGuard
VP of North American Sales
Rob North
Rob NorthWatchGuard
VP of North American Sales

Focus Areas of Interest


Assessing Your Risk

Part one will describe the threat process and provide early warning signs.

“WatchGuard provides better performance with one device than Cisco does with multiple point devices. If you’re looking for an all-in-one network security solution – WatchGuard is it. It’s nice to have a product that actually performs as advertised.”
Aaron Tripp, Help Desk Technician, Tacoma Housing Authority (THA)


The WatchGuard Solution

WatchGuard’s firewall and UTM provides enterprise class protection for emerging businesses. See how their toolkit helps address these security risk areas.


Powerful Customer Comments

“I think WatchGuard is the obvious choice. Hands down – WatchGuard has the most powerful user interface and best tools of any firewall I’ve ever seen in my career. The stuff that I can do with just a couple clicks with WatchGuard is going to take you hours with other security vendors.”
Sean Furman, Founder & CEO, STF Consulting