Ransomware on Apple devices?

James Staurino of MobileIron posted on April 23, 2016 said: "Recently, a sophisticated attack on Mac platforms called KeRanger was discovered by Palo Alto Networks. The ransomware attached itself to a popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer file [...]

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Police Pay Off Ransomware Operators, Again

Sarah Peters of InfoWeek's DarkReading said on April 14th, 2016: "Police Pay Off Ransomware Operators, Again. Law enforcement agencies are proving to be easy marks -- but are they any worse than the rest of [...]

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Petya ransomware uses Dropbox

SC Magazine's Robert Abel on March 29th wrote: "Trend Micro researchers spotted a new ransomware variant dubbed Petya that is delivered to victims who believe they are linking to a resume stored on a cloud [...]

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Ransomware Hackers Blackmail U.S. Police Departments

CNBC's Chris Francescani reported on April 26th: "Cyber criminals who have forced U.S. hospitals, schools and cities to pay hundreds of millions in blackmail or see their computer files destroyed are now targeting the unlikeliest group [...]

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Canada has a Cyber Squad the CCIRC

Global News's Monique Muise reported on May 3rd: "Hackers attacking Canada’s ‘critical infrastructure’ and it’s only going to get worse". Therein they noted that the CCIRC (Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre)  is very concerned about [...]

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Ransomware cyber-hack can install without clicking on infected link

WWMT.com (NEWSCHANNEL 3) reported April 13th: A new and unusual ransomware strain - known as Samas or Samsam - hit MedStar Health Hospital chain and did not require any human interaction to open or click [...]

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