Minimising Risks and Costs Related to Your Host Access

Have you considered using your Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems to manage access to your host-based applications? Doing so might seem expensive, complex, and time-consuming—or it might raise too many questions. In fact, there is a way to implement an enforceable access control layer between your terminal emulation users and your host systems—without having to make changes to the host itself.

View this webinar to learn to:

• Implement a non-invasive control system based on your existing directory infrastructure for the centralised management of access to host systems.

• Improve compliance with security policies while optimising investments already made in IAM.

• Reduce the cost of managing terminal emulation software on the desktop.

• Present stronger authentication methods than eight-character passwords to your terminal emulation users.

• Do all of this while minimizing or even avoiding any impact to the host.

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