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Protect your Customers from Ransomware & Build Recurring Revenue

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Minimize the Risk – You Need a Plan & a Partner

Back-up and Restore

Back-up and Restore
Automated: 3 copies, 2 formats,
1 air-gapped from network

Employee Education on Phishing

Employee Education on Phishing
Awareness, best practices,
simulation testing

Improve Security Posture

Improve Security Posture
Layered security across email,
web & endpoint

Don’t Pay the Ransom

Don’t Pay the Ransom
Pay-off encourages further attacks,
no guarantee of data recovery

Bundle Security & Data Protection

managed services

Increased Profitability

  • Flexible Pay-as-you-go Licensing
  • Aggregate Pricing
  • No Sign-up Costs or Monthly Minimums
  • Up-sell Multiple Solutions

Increased Productivity

  • No maintenance cloud-based back-up & security
  • Simple Multitenant Management
  • 3rd Party RMM Integration
  • Proven technology

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