Interwork’s MSSP program will increase the value and profitability of your business by:

Managed Security Services Program (MSSP) Program & Cyber Security
  • Automating security management and offer pay-as-you-go billing so you can focus on key priorities.
  • Helping you become cloud experts.
  • Enabling you to grow your profits and increase the value of your business.
  • Increase your revenue by providing you with the complete cyber security solution portfolio.

Why move to managed security services?

  • 38% estimated growth in IT Security budgets by 2020.
  • There will be a 1 million shortfall in IT security jobs globally.
  • 28% of organizations own under-deployed security software and 19% of pros admitted that IT did not understand the software well enough to implement it.
  • MSSPs help offloading tedious security tasks, such as 24×7 log monitoring.

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Cyber Security MSSP Program

Hosted Email Security will stop spam and save time making your job easier

  • Spam and email based malware is growing exponentially, becoming difficult for organizations to keep up with all the different variants.
  • Hosted Email SecurityTM is a no-maintenance-required solution delivering automated and continuous updated protection to stop spam, malware, and spear phishing, ransomware, and advanced targeted attacks before they reach your customer’s network.
  • Hosted Email Security protects MicrosoftR ExchangeTM, MicrosoftR Office 365TM, Google Apps, and more protecting 50,00 companies around the world.

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Secure offsite cloud Backup data anywhere, anytime for reliable data protection and cyber security

  • Perform local and offsite cloud backup in one easy step.
  • Backup everything – disks, partitions, servers, data – and recover anything quickly and easily – files, folders, applications, or an entire system.
  • Reply on secure and compliant data centers.

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Fight cybercrime with the right threat intelligence, detection, protection and remediation services for cyber security.

  • Managed Enterprise Firewall service offers network based firewalls that provide network security protection for complex and large business implementations.
  • Ensure that your customer’s information is secure by simplifying protection against malicious email attacks through Secure Email Gateway.
  • Offer security testing services by identifying network-connected assets and understanding how those assets are vulnerable to attacks.

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Protect enterprise applications and data from ransomware, breaches, and business disruptions.

Managed Security Services for Medium to Enterprise Customers

  • Protect enterprise customers with advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers.
  • The right security solutions will protect file servers from being attacked over the network via a compromised endpoint.
  • MSSPs can create separate management environments within a single Deep Security Manager.

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Deliver Cyber Security Services without investing in expensive in-house resources.

  • Help your customer locate patch vulnerability in their data security systems to prevent small issues from becoming big ones.
  • Cyber security monitoring is designed to complement your customer’s IT resources, saving them money while providing peace of mind.
  • Work closely with your customer’s inside teams to assess current compliance practices and make recommendations for long term compliance success (HIPAA, PCI).

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Managed Security Services Program (MSSP) Program & Cyber Security

Product Bundle Solutions for Managed Security Service Providers

Trend Micro | Securing Your Journey to the Cloud

Hosted E-mail Security & Advanced Server Security

Trend Micro’s Hosted Email security and Deep security will protect enterprise applications and data from ransomware, breaches, and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching.

Data Backup Solutions

Acronis backup cloud solutions delivers fast, easy, complete, reliable, and safe data protection for any environment anywhere on any device.

Managed Security Web Gateway

Trustwave Vulnerability Management proactively scans, tests and remediates application to protect your customer’s network and database.

NetIQ Access and Authentication as a Service

Offer high reliability, robust capabilities and user simplicity to your multi-factor authentication solutions.

Network Security

Deliver total security in one powerful, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective appliance. WatchGuard Firebox appliances lead the industry in performance and include best-in-class security services that ensure your customers stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.


Vulnerability assessments, Security Monitoring, and Compliance Services

Foresite managed security solutions help locate patch vulnerability, assist with security monitoring, and provides compliance assessment.

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