MVR 1400 Route Analytics from Circadence

Discover an innovative, more efficient way to listen to your network.

Circadence MVR™ 1400 Route Analytics suite

The Circadence MVR 1400 Route Analytics suite delivers integrated service performance management – a groundbreaking technology that continuously monitors the IP routing layer, tracking how thousands of critical services like unicast, multicast, and MPLS tunnels are travelling through the network. This added service-path intelligence does not introduce any significant load on production routers, and delivers a breakthrough in operations productivity by enabling automated correlation between services and the supporting lP/MPLS network elements.

As a standalone solution, Circadence MVR enables service providers and enterprises to have automated monitoring, detection, root-cause analysis, alarming, and reporting on routing events that impact services (i.e., metric changes, adjacency flaps, loss of redundancy, etc.). Many of these events are invisible to traditional network management solutions.

Circadence MVR 1400 benefits:

Maximize customer satisfaction.
By minimizing service disruptions and degradation, Circadence MVR solutions enhance change management to help prevent disruptions and enable rapid isolation of problems to reduce the duration of service degradation.

Cut operating costs.
This approach improves the productivity of human and network resources, reducing the cost of day-to-day operations by helping staff to quickly pinpoint the causes of service disruptions/degradation through automated correlation, while minimizing escalations to scarce and expensive IP routing experts.

Boost return of previous OSS investments.
The service path helps service providers achieve rapid return on investment through rapid deployment, ease of use, and low training costs. Off-the-shelf Circadence MVR solutions can be installed rapidly and will immediately provide information about a wide range of IP network sources.

Protect investments against obsolescence by offering a highly scalable architecture.
The three-tier architecture enables Circadence MVR 1400 platforms to manage thousands of services at once, and allows for growth with the increasing demands of an organization.

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