New Release for WatchGuard Dimension™ 1.3

WatchGuard Dimension has been gaining rapid market adoption since it was first launched in late 2013. Customers have used the network security visibility tool to monitor and to gain critical and timely insights about network security threats, bandwidth and Internet usage as well as related traffic trends. WatchGuard has posted version 1.3 of WatchGuard Dimension today and plans to announce its availability to customers during the week of August 11th.

Release Highlights
Version 1.3 includes several enhancements and bug fixes that result in improved logging and reporting functionality, enhanced user experience and increased stability. The major highlights of this release include:

  • New Policy Map is a visual interactive policy audit tool that provides a big-picture view of traffic flows in your network,  with an option to filter and drill-down to see  more details
  • New dashboard to identify any Zero-day malware that has not been blocked by the firewall because it has been analyzed for the first time in the APT Blocker cloud service
  • Enhanced Reports give you more insight on your network traffic and use of security services:
    • o    Updated Executive Summary Report now includes a new Top Zero-Day Malware (APT) Report
    • o    Security Services summary and detail reports now include Zero-Day Malware (APT) reports and also include packet disposition (Allowed or Denied) information
    • o    Improved DLP activity report, now based on top 50 hits
    • o    Per Client reports are organized into summary and detail sections for easier interpretation of data, with the option to download reports for further analysis 
    • o    New Per Client Detail reports now include URL Audit Detail and Web Audit by Category Detail reports for more detailed insights about client activity 
    • Increased stability and support for VHDX disk format for all new Hyper-V installations
    • New ease-of-use features for the Dimension administrator:
      • o    Consolidate the management (view, import, and remove) of CA certificates trusted by Dimension for outbound connections
      • o    Option for safe and easy shut down of the Dimension VM from the Dimension Web UI
      • Other minor updates
      • o    Collapsible left navigation pane for report groups under Reports tab and collapsible search criteria widget for Per Client reports
      • o    Support for IPv6 in Threat Map, to the country level (city-level data is not yet available)
      • o    Minor enhancements to reports such as user interface, report names, and ordering to make them more consistent, meaningful, and easier to understand
      • Localized user interface available in French, Spanish (LA), Japanese, Korean, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Explanatory text in the Executive Summary and Compliance reports is also localized.

Additional details about this release can be found in Release Notes. Please review carefully before installing and trying out the new features.

If you are interested in installing Dimension in the Amazon Cloud, please contact WatchGuard Technical Support by logging in to  and opening a technical support case.

Does This Release Pertain to Me?
This release applies to all Dimension users. Before you upgrade, read the Release Notes carefully to understand what’s involved, and pay special attention to the upgrade section.

How Do I Get this Release?
WatchGuard appliance owners who have a current LiveSecurity Service subscription can obtain this release without additional charge by downloading the applicable packages from the Articles & Software section of WatchGuard’s Support Center. To make it easier to find the relevant software, search for “Dimension Software Downloads”.

If you need support, create a support case online or call our support staff directly. When you contact Technical Support, be sure to have your registered Product Serial Number, LiveSecurity Key, or Partner ID available.

Contact Interwork Technologies for more information at +1.800.461.8649 or

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