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For our vendor partners, we focus on reseller partner development, enablement, and training so that vendors have the right partners with the right skill sets to solve customer business challenges. 

Given our extensive reseller relationships, we are able to help technology vendors reach key market segments more efficiently and effectively—because we are able to locate the right partners. For instance, our strength in the mid-market to enterprise space helps vendors to focus more energy on what’s important, such as developing great products and technical leadership, while allowing our sales and marketing resources to educate resellers on matching the right solutions for their customers.

We provide partner recruitment, development, and demand generation programs by leveraging our reseller partner relationships who operate at the national, regional, or vertical level. We help our vendors reduce the overall cost of doing business by extending credit terms and managing collections, streamlining and consolidating order management functions, and extending sales and marketing resources for greater market coverage.

To help our vendor partners reach their reseller base, we offer them many services such as Business Development and Lead Generation, which includes:

Reseller Demand Generation Programs

  • We bring resellers, vendors and end users together for training and networking. These events build and foster face-to-face relationships, while increasing visibility and sales.

Custom Lead Generation Programs

  • We create custom integrated outreach campaigns from our extensive information database that allows vendors to reach market segments based on vertical, regional, or competitive criteria.
  • We can initiate programs at the reseller and end-user level through our lead generation tools, resources, and partner relationships.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Partner Services for Vendors.