Police Pay Off Ransomware Operators, Again

Sarah Peters of InfoWeek’s DarkReading said on April 14th, 2016: “Police Pay Off Ransomware Operators, Again.
Law enforcement agencies are proving to be easy marks — but are they any worse than the rest of us?

Sarah noted that even when the Tewksbury PD enlisted help from the FBC, Department of Homeland Security and infosecurity firms they could not decrypt the locked devices. The net result was that after 5 days of effort they decided to pay roughly $500 in bitcoin. “next time, we’ll pay the ransom on the first day and be done with it” said the Lincon Country Sheriff Todd Brackett to the Booth Bay Register.

The business case is obvious: when IT budgets are cut these low-cost extortions are worth paying because the business opportunity cost of research and lost business productivity is significantly higher.

For more details please visit: http://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/police-pay-off-ransomware-operators-again/d/d-id/1319918

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