Reflection Enterprise Suite 2011

Maximum Flexibility for Modern IT  Citrix ReadyCertified for Windows VistaWindows 7 Compatible

Reflection Enterprise Suite 2011 combines the most advanced Windows- and browser-based terminal emulators into one powerful solution. This suite gives you even stronger customization control—plus an extra layer of security for the host. Designed with leading-edge security and flexibility, it supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, diverse security architectures, and virtualization technologies. You can even deploy one or both products to any user—casual, power, local, or remote—from a central location.
Suite Components

Reflection Enterprise Suite 2011 includes two products:

  • Reflection Standard Suite 2011—Terminal emulation software that connects Windows users to legacy applications on IBM, UNIX, and OpenVMS systems.
  • Reflection for the Web 2008 Standard Edition—Terminal emulation software that connects browser users to legacy applications on IBM, UNIX, and OpenVMS systems.

With Reflection Standard Suite 2011, you can:

  • Connect Windows users to legacy applications running on IBM System z, IBM System i, UNIX, and OpenVMS hosts.
  • Support modern operating environments, including Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), and Windows Server 2008; VMware; and Citrix XenApp.
  • Protect sensitive data in motion with updated SSL/TLS and SSH security protocols.
  • Reduce desktop footprint and lock down desktops by controlling the features you install.
  • Centrally manage user configurations and host access using LDAP groups—and save time with dynamic up-dates.
  • Automate routine tasks and integrate host applications with web or Windows desktop applications—all on the familiar VBA platform.
  • Leverage the robust and secure Microsoft .NET API to customize terminal sessions and better support your company’s unique business processes.
  • Enhance user productivity with customizable tabs, Bing web search, improved print functions, and key Windows 7 features.
  • Run preexisting EXTRA! and Reflection session files, macros, and related HLLAPI applications.

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