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Product Manager for WatchGuard (Canada) and Aconis (USA and Canada)


Welcome to my page. I’ll post a few selling tips here for our channel partners, but if you want the best information, join my email newsletter.

Tips for WatchGuard:

  • Opportunity to close this quarter: large deals or competitive situations?
    Let us know and we’ll ask the vendors to dig deep for additional support.
  • Chat TIP: Want to get on your customer’s good side? We suggest you let them know about the new  flagship M4600/M5600. These amazing new products give an organization amazing FUTURE PROOFING abilities because of their high number of connections possible. CLICK HERE to connect with their configurator.
  • Tech TIP: Ever wonder about the difference of “Live Security” versus “Security Suite”? Here are a few reasons:
    • Live Security gives you ongoing software updates to ensure your security is always working in top form.
    • WatchGuard offers eight UTM (unified threat management) security subscriptions for its family of UTM solutions.
    • APT Blocker extends protection from the universe of known malware to the unknown, securing your business from today’s constantly evolving threats.
  • Easy Money TIP: Shoot for GOLD
    • Did you know about the additional Gold partner level incentives?  Discounts, volume-based rebate opportunity, cooperative fund advertising opportunities, assigned sales support including engineer support, and demand generation support.
    • Here are the Gold certification requirements: Two (2) Sales Trained Individuals, Two (2) Technically Certified Individuals, Two (2) Technical Competency Certified Individuals, One (1) Qualified Not For Resale Unit, One (1) Demo Trained Individual

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Are You Aware of the Next Generation M4600 and M5600?

Find out how I make selling WatchGuard easy and profitable.

WatchGuard builds affordable, all-in-one network and content security solutions to provide defense in depth for corporate content, networks and the businesses they power. WatchGuard’s award-winning Extensible Threat Management (XTM and XTMv) network security solutions combine firewall, VPN, and security services to protect networks from spam, viruses, malware, and intrusions.


Disasters are not an “IF” but “WHEN”… and since 25% of tape backup fail many SMB are not prepared.

I can show you how to be a HERO to your clients, and earn great margins too.

Acronis is a provider of cloud and on-premise new generation data protection for any data in any environment in any location – delivered through its backup, disaster recovery, and secure access solutions. Fueled by over 100 patents, all Acronis solutions are powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, a set of unique, deep, and powerful new generation data protection technologies that capture, store, recover, control, and access any data.

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