Scale Computing Announces Launch of Mz Scale-Out Storage Nodes

Posted by Ryan Hulse from Scale Computing
Good news for those out there leading the way in the conversion from 1GbE infrastructure to 10GbE:  This week we start taking pre-orders for M-Series storage nodes equipped with 10GbE network ports.  We’ve been testing with 10GbE and watching the adoption rates closely to determine when the offering made sense.  Of course 10GbE makes sense from a performance standpoint.  10GbE is up to 10x faster than gigabit. But we design storage solutions very specifically to deliver amazing bang-for-the-buck, and for a while, the “bucks” for 10GbE didn’t make sense for our storage solutions.  This has changed. The second quarter of 2011 saw the price per 10GbE port decline 10% again, while 10GbE switch sales increased over 22%, according to IDC.  These market trends and feedback from our own customers lead us to the conclusion that now was the right time for us to introduce 10GbE connectivity.
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