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Data archives are the foundation of data retention and protection. But successful backup and archive are getting more challenging all the time as data grows, hitting rates of 60 to 100 percent year over year. At the same time, IT budgets are tightening even as backup and archives grow to consume more and more storage.

Just throwing a lot of cheap storage at the problem causes a whole new set of problems. Tape-based storage is hard to manage and difficult to recover. Disk-based storage shrinks data center real estate and escalates power and cooling costs. Large arrays can house a great deal of backup and archived data but are expensive to buy and manage. Cheaper and smaller storage will only house a certain amount of data before you have to add and manage more. And no matter what type of storage you choose, capacity planning becomes a gateway to over-provisioning and an inefficient and very risky storage infrastructure.

Scale’s third generation ICOS storage system solves these problems and more. ICOS powers a clustered architecture that is effective and highly available, exceptionally scalable, and extremely cost-efficient. The entry-level Starter Cluster begins with three S1’s, each sporting 1 terabyte (TB) of highly available and fully integrated storage. The S2’s higher capacity form factor offers 2 useable TB, while the S4 offers 4 useable TB. The ICOS architecture gives IT managers the node-by-node scalability they need to house continually growing backups and archives.

And the nodes are highly redundant and protected. Built-in snapshots and replication store data across multiple nodes. If a single node fails, data is immediately re-replicated and another node seamlessly takes the load. ICOS maintains system uptime up to N/2-1, meaning that nearly half of the storage system nodes can fail and the system will continue to operate.

With Scale’s ICOS, you may safely and efficiently house your backups and archives without risk of data loss or system failure.


  • System-wide management tools available from every node
  • Extremely high system uptime
  • Data and service protection even during drive failure
  • Non-disruptive scaling by simply adding storage nodes
  • Grid architecture preserves data access speeds

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