Scale Computing for Education

Scale’s ICOS is the perfect solution for schools and universities. It’s full-featured functionality comes at no extra cost. When combined with quality commodity hardware, it delivers the most flexible, affordable, scale-out product for its price.

Watch the video to learn how the GEO Foundation saved hundreds of thousands of dollars when it combined Scale’s storage products with its virtual desktop strategy to achieve a 1:1 student / computer ration two years ahead of schedule.

Scale ICOS Benefits for Education

  • Extremely cost-effective and powerful storage benefits tight education budgets.
  • Highly scalable systems let education invest in technology as-needed.
  • Third generation grid-based computing lets education assign compute and storage resources where they need it and when they need it.
  • Highly scalable storage system lets education provide up-to-the-minute resources to a hungry student population.
  • Strong data protection preserves confidential work products and academic records.

Scale for the Education Industry: Powerful Storage on a Limited Budget.

Educational institutions are charged with teaching technology and using it as a valuable learning tool. But because of the education industry’s severe budget challenges, many students have only a cursory education in technology. This sad scenario holds true from the youngest grade levels all the way up to higher education.

Watch a video on Scale Computing for Education here.

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