Scale Computing for Healthcare

There’s no margin for error in health care, which is why Scale Computing is the perfect solution for your needs. The full-featured functionality of ICOS delivers enterprise-class features typically found among systems that cost three to four times as much. With no single point of failure, an architecture that scales up, not out, zero data migration, and high performance delivery of image files, scans and sequential data, Scale’s ICOS can keep your records safe and accessible.

Watch the video here to hear neurologist and HIT advisor Dr. Todd Rowland explain why health care professionals should consider Scale Computing.

Scale ICOS Benefits for Healthcare

  • Powerful scalability. Extreme data growth and long data retention requirements characterize healthcare. ICOS clustered architecture enables IT to non-disruptively add new nodes at will, which seamlessly increases the capacity of the entire array.
  • High availability. ICOS serves healthcare’s high availability and security needs with data protection and redundant infrastructure. The storage system does not require expensive RAID technology because it mirrors, snapshots, and replicates within its node architecture.
  • Security and compliance. Mirroring, snapshots, and advanced replication keep the ICOS storage grid fully redundant and highly secure. This is particularly important for healthcare data storage, which must prevent data loss and corruption at all costs.

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