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This is Steve. Steve’s the IT Administrator for this company. Like most companies right now, this company is watching costs. Steve discovered that the effort of managing storage spread out across the company was increasing costs and creating a lot of work. He spent too much time addressing isolated storage demands and replacing failed disks attached directly to servers only to end up with underutilized storage.

Steve wanted to consolidate everything into one storage system but couldn’t afford to outgrow that system later. He tried to predict what his storage needs would be over time but quickly realized how unpredictable that is. So he convinced his boss to invest in a scale-out storage solution from Scale Computing.

How does Scale do Virtualization?
Scale Computing builds storage solutions to meet the demands of virtualization using a scale-out architecture that ensures virtualization is not stalled by underperforming storage. Most importantly, this storage technology is available at prices that enable small to medium-sized businesses to fully embrace virtualization, not just for consolidation cost savings, but also for improved availability and more dynamic IT service delivery.

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