Scale Out, not Up

Are you losing Storage opportunities due to budget?
Does room for growth, high availability and disaster recovery seem out of your customers reach?

Storage needs are growing exponentially each year and it is happening RAPIDLY, NOW, and NOT in the future.
Companies need to be able to keep up with this growth and act quickly and affordably. The problem is, budgets are tightening and the storage solutions of the past don’t cut it.


It is the Next Generation Scale-Out Storage Solution at almost half the price of the nearest Competitor. Scale offers enterprise functionality that is affordable in the SMB market and can scale out in an enterprise environment. With a pay-as-you-grow, all-inclusive pricing model and intuitive storage management, this storage system is perfect for the budget-minded customer.

Storage needs are changing in light of server virtualization, data growth, business continuity demands and cost pressures. Scale Computing’s unified storage systems, representing a virtualized pool of storage resources, deliver enterprise SAN functionality that enhances virtual environments, simplifies management, and reduces costs.

  • Technical Highlights
    All data is mirrored and striped across the nodes in the cluster
    All data is mirrored on at least 2 nodes. This provides continuous uptime if a drive, network port, power supply or even an entire node stops working
    Up to 512 nodes per cluster, more than 2.2 PBs per single file system
    Nodes of different sizes can all participate in the same cluster and be used at full capacity
    (Limitation: 1 node cannot be bigger than 50% of the total cluster capacity)
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