ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Version 8.1.2

Key Features

Desktop Authority offers the power of 4 products in 1 console:

  • Desktop Management
    Desktop Configuration…give your users what they need

    Every administrator has a broad range of users to support, across multiple locations and each with different needs. From a Point, Click, Done GUI, make sure your users have the printers, drives, registry settings, folders, shortcuts, and everything else they need to do their jobs. No more writing and debugging of custom scripts.
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  • Desktop Configuration
    Desktop Management…got it covered

    We have everything you’ve come to expect out of a desktop management solution: Deploy software, manage updates, reduce power usage, inventory and report on hardware and software. Schedule and run maintenance tasks during or after business hours, even when users are not logged in.
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  • Desktop Security
    Desktop Security…with productivity in mind

    You have a lot of desktops to secure and we make it easy from one central console. Lock all I/O ports to prevent the introduction of malware and prevent access to confidential files. Consistently deploy Microsoft and third-party patches in a timely manner. Use an industry-leading anti-malware engine to defend your desktops from malicious code. Use built-in turnkey and custom reporting to easily manage and report on the security of endpoint devices.
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  • Desktop Support
    Desktop Support…while allowing the user to work

    Increase first call close rates and eliminate trips to the desktop with our unique “behind the screen” technology that allows you to deliver world-class support without interrupting the user.
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  • Desktop Support
    Validation Logic…dynamically create the specific desktops your organization needs

    Desktop Authority’s Validation Logic gives you the ability to target each management function as narrowly or broadly as you need. Configure, Manage, Secure and Support desktops using a patented targeting engine that applies settings and policies dynamically, so you can concentrate on more important tasks. Like lunch.
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