Cyber Security Fundamentals and Awareness

Cyber Security Fundamentals and Awareness

This course is designed to train and prepare you for the Cyber Security Fundamentals and Awareness Certification Exam issued by ISACA. This course focuses on cybersecurity architecture principles, security of networks, systems, applications and data, incident response techniques, and the security implications of the adoption of emerging technologies. This certification can provide the credibility needed for upward mobility in the cybersecurity industry. A CSX Certification is globally recognized and many times required by organizations who understand the added cybersecurity value of certification holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Knowledge about the central concepts and security implications that frame and define the cybersecurity industry.

  • Gain an understanding of the integral role that cybersecurity professionals have in protecting enterprise data.

  • Be able to grasp the essential information needed to operate in the cybersecurity industry.

  • Gain an upper hand as soon as you begin your career in the cybersecurity industry.

  • Acquire the foundational knowledge that is essential for all professionals in the cybersecurity industry.

  • Distinguish yourself from the competition in the industry with this globally recognized certification.

  • 92% First Time Pass Rate.

  • Experiences instructors with years of industry experience.

  • Flexible payment options and classroom instruction.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Individuals interested in gaining a foundational knowledge of cybersecurity

  • Recent graduates and college students

  • Professionals in IT roles related to cybersecurity looking to gain a better understanding of the concepts (I.e. Sales)

  • Those looking to change their careers and move into the cybersecurity industry

Learning Objectives

Cyber Security Concepts

Cyber Security Architecture Principles

Cyber Security of Networks, Systems, Applications and Data

Incident Response

The Security Implications of the Adoption of Emerging Technologies

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