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Infosec Skills

In the ever changing world of cyber security,  IT professionals need year-round skill development to stay ahead of the latest threats. Our skills training, powered by Infosec Skills, offers over 500+ courses, 100+ cloud-hosted labs and 60+ role-based learning paths mapped directly to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. These learning paths will enable you and your employees to navigate the changing technology landscape with ease. Talk with a certified training expert to learn how we can help you identify your team’s cyber security skills gaps, close those gaps through hands-on training and maximize your team’s skill development.

Skills Training Materials

  • Network Fundamentals

  • Security Technology and Tools

  • Introduction to Cryptography

  • Passive Intelligence Gathering

  • Security Governance Principles

  • and much more!

  • CompTIA Security+

  • EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker


  • (ISC)² CCSP

  • (ISC)² CISSP

  • and much more!

  • Cyber ranges
    Build your team’s cybersecurity skills with 100+ hands-on, cloud hosted labs

  • Projects
    Help your team gain experience and test their skills through real world scenarios

  • Custom practice exams
    Prepare your team for their next certification with thousands of practice questions

Find Your Team’s Skills Gaps, and Solve it with Interwork

Assign Learning Paths

With Skills Training, you can assign learning paths to individuals and groups, or build custom learning paths unique to your organization’s business objectives. Each learning path contains a combination of: skill assessments to identify knowledge gaps, courses from expert instructors, Cloud-hosted cyber ranges and hands-on projects, and customizable certification practice exams.

Assess Your Team's Skills

Skill assessments provide insight into your teams level of expertise on a particular topic. With these assessments, you can easily rank your team’s expertise, knowledge gaps and identify promising team members. Since these assessment are adaptive, your team members can be reassessed in any technical area to track development and overall training impact.

Get Hand's On Cyber Security Experience

Whether your team is learning how to set up a network, perform a penetration test or defend critical infrastructure, hands-on experience is essential. In addition to more than 500 courses, your team gets unlimited access to 100+ labs on cloud-hosted virtual machines, real-world scenarios, and custom practice exams with thousands of practice questions.

Track Your Team's Skill Development

Get insight on your entire team’s skills development, or dive into each group or individual’s training progress. Track specific metrics, such as how many learners completed their training, total time spent on each learning path, and scores for skills assessments and practice exams.

Continually Re-asses and Evaluate

With new courses, labs, and other content being added every single month, your team will have the ongoing skill development needed to stay a step ahead of the bad guys and keep your organization secure.

Protect your business from the inside with Interwork powered by Infosec.

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