Introduction to Scale Computing's HC3

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HC3 represents the cutting edge of infrastructure innovation: A highly available platform with the scalability of the cloud and the security of your own servers, coupled with a radical reduction in both upfront costs and [...]

Virtual Desktop Deployment from Scale Computing

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Read how Scale Computing and VMWare work together to provide drastic cost reductions in virtual desktop deployments. Server virtualization and clustered storage have much more in common than what is easily apparent. In fact, it [...]

Trend Micro's VMWare is #1 in Virtualization

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We optimize VMWare environments and make them more secure. Trend Micro and VMware have teamed up to deliver the first and only agentless anti-malware solution for virtualized desktops and datacenters. This joint solution gives you [...]

Trend Micro Announces Core Protection™ for Virtual Machines

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From Trend Micro: Trend Micro Announces Core Protection™ for Virtual Machines A 'first of its kind,' the new Core Protection secures VMware environments and enables enterprises to maximize the economic benefits of virtualization without compromising [...]