Trend Micro Expands Data Protection Portfolio to Secure Data From Endpoints to the Cloud

New Data Protection products and services enable customers to benefit from comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use set of DLP, encryption, and device control solutions

With the release of several new products and services, Trend Micro is furthering its leadership and commitment in data privacy and security by expanding its Data Protection portfolio to help small, medium and large organizations protect business information against damage, loss, and unauthorized access. Trend Micro’s goal is to keep data safe, wherever it resides, from endpoint to cloud, from intentional or unintentional harm, and to enable this protection cost-effectively and with lower complexity.

Data Protection is a growing concern for businesses. State and national governments are enacting more stringent data privacy regulations and such regulations are driving the need to protect sensitive information and protect privacy. The increased frequency and cost of data breaches are also accelerating the adoption of Data Protection solutions as organizations strive to mitigate risks and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.  Many businesses struggle with the complexity, cost and manageability of data protection solutions.  Trend Micro understands these challenges and has developed easier data protection solutions to address and solve these problems. 

“Data protection is paramount in any organization’s security strategy. The new products and services provide our customers with proven solutions to encrypt, control, and protect confidential data – endpoint to cloud,” said Steve Quane, chief product officer, Trend Micro. “These solutions further our vision of protecting digital information wherever it resides, with less cost and complexity.”

In a recent report Gartner highlights the factors inhibiting adoption: “The difficulty and high cost in planning for and integrating content-aware DLP products across the enterprise are significant hurdles that limit the increase in adoption of best-of-breed high-end enterprise tools.”  (source: Gartner, Inc “Emerging Technology Analysis: Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention,” by Ruggero Contu, et al. November 30, 2010.)
With the collection of Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention; Endpoint Encryption; Cloud Encryption; Port and Device Control; Messaging Security; Endpoint Security; Data Protection Services; Web Site Security; File Integrity Monitoring; Worry-Free Business Security; Data Backup; and more, Trend Micro now provides a complete portfolio of Data Protection solutions that lower the cost, complexity and management overhead. These solutions are delivered as standalone offerings as well as add-on components to traditional Trend Micro antimalware products.

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