Trend Micro Endorses Industry-Wide Real-World Testing of Security Products

Test labs design comprehensive, real-world testing approaches for competing security solutions; Trend Micro leads in highest percentage threat detection results

Trend Micro Incorporated today praised multiple security testing vendors for moving forward with advanced methodologies that show how effective products are in protecting against the new and insidious real-world threats. NSS, and Dennis Technology Labs are among the labs that have fostered a greater understanding of the new threats and vulnerabilities across the security industry, and developed ingenious ways to test for them so that users can better assess how well they are being protected across the whole product.

“Security testing has become much more difficult for the labs since 2009, because the threat landscape has changed so rapidly,” said Jon Clay, Trend Micro senior marketing manager, core technology. “We endorse and applaud the efforts these particular test labs have made in order to pioneer greater understanding of security issues and priorities for both consumers and businesses. Consistency across 10 tests since 2009 is one important benchmark of the progress that we and the testers have made.”

Real-world testing(1) and validation of Trend Micro products provide numerous examples of those consistent results (see table):

  • #1 across multiple testing labs provides an unbiased view of protection capabilities.
  • #1 over time means the vendor solution can adapt with the changing threat landscape.
  • #1 across endpoint products tailored for different customers (enterprise, consumer, small business) ensures all customers get the same level of protection.
  • #1 against key competitors proves Trend Micro endpoint solutions are designed to protect our customers very effectively.

“Trend Micro has led many real-world benchmark tests from multiple labs since September 2009 against competitors, including Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky and ESET,” said Clay. “Clearly, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, our client-cloud infrastructure underpinning our consumer as well as business products, is the ‘secret sauce’ that delivers consistent and correlated protection across multiple threats – url/web, email/spam, and file.”

Trend Micro will continue to collaborate with test organizations and submit to product evaluation at labs that practice real-world testing (tests using threat samples gathered live from the typical threat sources, applied via realistic attack vectors, and allowing tested security products to use all available protection layers).

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