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Advanced Persistent Threats (in which sophisticated criminals and/or nation- states steal confidential data and intellectual property) have increased in both frequency and severity.  Today, they are a compelling business challenge for organizations of all sizes.

Do you think:

  • Increased frequency and severity of APTs in 2015 could affect my business?
  • You can effectively detect and thwart APT attacks comprehensively?
  • Your organization is immune to these threats?

What we think:

  • Regardless of the size of your organization; 360 degree threat detection is needed to avoid lasting damage to your company’s resources and image
  • Custom defense needs to be put in place that enables you to detect, analyze and respond to APT attacks to ensure survival of your business
  • Only a Custom Defense effectively combats Advanced Persistent Threats

Please join me and 12 year Trend Micro veteran Alain Collins for an informative webinar to discuss today’s APT landscape. Learn why and how Trend Micro’s flagship Deep Discovery Inspector solution can address your complex and compelling business challenges around ADVANCED PERSISTENT THREATS!

Webinar Date:
March 19, 2015

10:00 AM EST

Alain Collins

The first 50 webinar attendees will receive a $10 American Express Gift card for participating!

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