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End of Quarter? Is Speed Important?

We have 4 outstanding reasons why you should choose Interwork as your distributor for Trend Micro quotes, but one of them we know will resonate the most with you: SPEED.

Interwork has been in business for over 25 years, and an un-sung hero for many channel partners because time and time again we help them by providing fast responses to their quote requests. And we’ve won awards to prove it. Three years in a row we’ve received stellar reviews. And even though we did not receive the top award, we were the TOP SECURITY distributor:


So how do we do it? We have a corporate-wide mandate to deliver a 60-Minute SLA with all of our channel support experts. And our responses come from channel experts with on average over 9 years experience.


Test Our 60-Minute SLA – If we fail, coffee is on us!

Complete the form to the right and send us a quote request, or request credit and we’ll respond to you promptly. Plus we’ll send you a few selling tips that may help you to close new business.

And if we don’t respond within 60 minutes (during our business hours), then coffee is on us! We’ll send you a Starbucks $10 gift card free of charge.

Test Our Trend Micro
Channel Support Team

Sales Backed Up by An Extra Special Accounting Team


No Surprise Charges

Yes, that is right. No set up charges. None. Zero. Zilch.


Flexible (Within Reason)

We know that business doesn’t always happen the way you expect. That is why our accounting team is reasonable. If you need some help to get going, we’re here to help.


Yup, They Are Fast Too

We have heard from many of your peers and we know that when you need accounting help it holds back your cash flow. That is why our corporate mandate applies here too. Better still, we typically turn around credit checks in 2-3 business days.