WatchGuard Now Protects Nation's Critical Infrastructure

WatchGuard Next-Generation Firewalls Now Include SCADA Signatures to Protect Operational Technologies; Includes Telecom, Gas, Electric and other Utility Networks

Major market trends are driving the need to extend enterprise network security and protection to operational technologies. Many operational technology (OT) networks are converging with information technology (IT) networks. For example, as infrastructure power grids become “smart,” they also stand exposed to similar vulnerabilities that target IP-based business networks.

“Historically, OT networks ran autonomously or were completely disconnected from IT protection and control,” said Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at WatchGuard. “However, as OT and IT networks converge, legacy OT networks become vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Now, WatchGuard is providing the same levels of advanced intrusion prevention, malware protection and granular management used in enterprise environments to secure key industrial and infrastructure networks.”

Infrastructure Attacks – A New Era in Targeted Malware
Publicity around the extremely sophisticated Stuxnet worm over the last year has raised awareness of the need to protect critical infrastructure. Infrastructure malware is nothing new, and by itself, Stuxnet does little harm to typical PCs and business networks. It is a worm that targets industrial software and equipment that falsifies industrial process control sensor signals.

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