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WatchGuard is a leading provider of
Unified Threat Management and Firewall hardware

WatchGuard aims to give you the best in class security while providing a simple, visible, and future proof plan tailored to your business needs.

WatchGuard Network Security Solutions

Advanced Network Security

Advanced Network Security

With a focus on ease of deployment, use, and ongoing management WatchGuard delivers confidence with enterprise-grade security and a firebox for every occasion. Ideal for SMB and distributed enterprise organizations worldwide, WatchGuard designed its award-winning network security from the ground up.

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Secure Wi-Fi From WatchGuard

Secure Wi-Fi From Watchguard

WatchGuard understands the evolving needs of businesses and the importance of smooth and secure operations over a secure Wi-Fi. Engineered to provide a safe, protected airspace for Wi-Fi environments while reducing administrative hassle, WatchGuard Secure Cloud Wi-Fi gives businesses the tools they need to succeed.

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Network Visibility

Network Visibility

Understand every corner of your network with total network visibility. WatchGuard offers you the tools you need to track and expose threats on top of the ability to identify user behavior that may contribute to a compromised network.

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XTM X-Change

Limited time offer: Receive 10% off MSRP when you trade up from an XTM device

Purchase an available model with a 1 or 3-year Total Security Suite and receive an additional 10% discount off MSRP on your Firebox TSS product purchase.

Have the Total Security Host Sensor

For a limited time receive double the number of host sensors

Purchase a Total Security Solution, including TDR, and receive double the number of host sensors to be added at time of activation.

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WatchGuard Products and Services

Network Security Services

Secure your network with WatchGuard network security services, offering a comprehensive portfolio to protect and enable your network. A leader in both traditional security and more advanced services, WatchGuard is here to help you handle the constantly evolving threat landscape. See everything we offer for your complete network security services.

Intrusion prevention Intrusion prevention
Reputation based threat prevention
URL filtering URL filtering
Spam prevention Spam prevention
Gateway Anti-Virus Gateway Anti-Virus
Application control Application control
APT Blocker APT Blocker
Data loss prevention Data loss prevention
Network discovery Network discovery
Threat Detection and Response Threat Detection and Response

Network Security Services

Network Security Appliances

Network Security Appliances

Whatever size business, WatchGuard has the right appliance for the right environment. From off the rack to cloud and virtual based options, WatchGuard has you covered. See our offerings here:

Our T10, T30, T50, and T70 are built with small businesses in mind. Check out the T series datasheets here:

T10, 30, 50 T70

With blazing fast speed for growing businesses, our Firebox M200, M300, M400 and M500 give you flexible high performance. See the M series datasheets here:

M200/M300 M400/M500

Has your organization turned to virtualization? WatchGuard XTMv solutions allows applications to be secured and resources managed under a single unified management system.

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Wireless Security Hardware

WatchGuard offers secure, fast, and easy-to-manage Wi-Fi solutions that enable reliable wireless access while providing industry leading wireless security, guest engagement, and analytic tools. Deploy Wi-Fi with confidence, see our offerings here:

Full suite of high-performance, easy-to-manage access points.

Deploy alongside any existing Wi-Fi network as dedicated WIPS sensors defend your airspace.

Award winning network security appliances with wireless radios built right in.

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Wireless Security Hardware

Management and Visibility

Management and Visibility

WatchGuard makes adoption and utilization of its security effective with tight integration, centralized management, and actionable visibility. Instantly identify and distill network threats, issues, and trends so you can track, manage, and report on your networks security.

  • WatchGuard Dimension.
  • WatchGuard System Manager.
  • WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.

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Why WatchGuard

WatchGuard is committed to giving you the industry’s smartest, fastest, and meanest security deceives. WatchGuard provides your business with:

Enterprise-Grade Security

Best in class security without the costs or complexity


Straight forward and simple to configure, deploy, and manage centrally


Fastest unified threat management performance across all price points


Full network visibility with immediate action capabilities


Fastest access to new and improved security services

Total Security Threats

Is your business prepared against:



Ransomware Is a type of malware delivered by an infected website download, phishing email, or dropped into vulnerable systems by way of an exploit kit. The attacker uses the malware to holds data “ransom” demanding payment to release the files, though there is not guarantee the files will be returned.

Advanced Malware

Advanced Malware

Designed to infect a computer to perform malicious activities, an attacker can deliver malware to compromise your user’s computers to steal or deny access to information and systems. Modern malware has advanced to be highly sophisticated and evasive.

Data Loss

Data loss

Criminals can attack organizations from many different vectors to steal or destroy data. Spear phishing and SQL injection attacks can be used to siphon data from web connected database servers.

Unsecured Wireless Network

Unsecured Wireless Network

Wireless networks provide attackers with multiple ways into your system. Often numerous and devastating in scale, any unsecured leak, such as an employee connecting their own wireless access point, can provide instant access into your protected network.

Network Blind Spots

Network Blind Spots

With a lack of visibility into networks, organizations can struggle to close exploitable blind spots in the system that leave them vulnerable to attack.

Interwork will help enable your business through our expertise in cyber security solutions and connect you with the right resources. We offer a variety of reseller services such as:

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